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What is the relevancy of history if our world is our people – A national service teacher writes

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A poem gathered from our news team from a national service personnel, Elvis Aseye dubbed THE BADLAND has punched out the discrepancies which the new curriculum carries along with. In his piece, he ironically criticised the relevancy of HISTORY, if OUR WORLD IS OUR PEOPLE. He again expressed that, the curriculum is a betrayal of the mind as a result of the conflicting two subjects (History and Our World Our People) which all boils down to mean one thing.

His piece also went on to ironically attack how Ghanaians have tag the cloth (Ntoma) and Ahenema (locally made sandals) as an occasional appareal and rather displaying their nudity with the help of bikini, where as, Kaba and Slit could have been the perfect appareal to address the nudity touted by our so called celebs.

Below is his piece. Before that, let us understand the stanzas and explain further at the comment section.

The Badland By Elvis Aseye

God has left the Badland
in the tears of the Sun.
But we had no God.
It is a deceit.
The Snow provide not a pillow,
Yet we sit and enjoy the fallow.
Our nerves are Shallow.

The badlands is Sodom and Gomorrah,
as the force of gravity pulled our deposits
away from the center of the black soil.
There is no Okra, so we toil.
This is a mockery of humanity.
Or the creation was not in his own image?
Perhaps their God is not Just, like our gods.

They dine with the suit and tie
and we are satisfied, we need not to fight.
Call me Grant
my hands will still remain in my thigh.

The curriculum is a betrayal of the mind
They documented the pains to waste time.
History is not relevant if our world is our people.
Then my people should be in our world
to measure the presence.

The Kaba and slit is Tilt-A-whirl and antiquated
Call the Slit in the Bikini to promote nudity
With the Stupidity of those Celebrities.
Cloth and Ahenema is for the occasion
Let’s see who undermined the knowledge
of Ephraim Amu.

Let’s sleep in Poverty
If lt maintains my identity.
For the World has no banks
their promise is just pranks
Perhaps their God is not Just, like our gods.