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What do you do? A trainee quizzes ttag

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A letter sent to Cedinews desk claiming it was written out of passion by a trainee, Sekyi Richmond Brown, of Accra College of Education (AcCE) has thrown series of jabs to the executives of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG), its constitution and the association itself.

The three page letter headlined, “The Leadership of ttag; Needless and Fruitless” condemned the current TTAG constitution, claiming it favours the executives instead of trainees.

It attacked that, the constitution which stipulates some clauses to ensure the smooth running of the association is archaic and needs to be reviewed “I have enormously spent time skimming through your, sorry, our archaic
constitution which came into being in September 2001 and approved by the 6th annual delegate congress. The sixty page constitution does not champion the cause of the contemporary teacher trainee’s across Ghana as it was meant to be.” It went on to explain that;

“The constitution which aimed to; champion the cause of teacher trainees in Ghana has done absolutely nothing in that regard. Also, promotion of high academic professionals and moral standards among trainees found in the constitution has not been materialised”.

It also lashed the association for not taking matters serious which has currently plunged trainees to governmental policies which is snailing the trainee for employment. The letter again asked rhetorically, “What do you do?”, “What are your duties?”, What have you accomplished?

It rants on, those heading positions in ttag are in camouflage, perpetuating their personal agenda with the help of the educational system which has produced a set of novice educated literates. “Our educational system has given birth to a set of novice educated literates whose purpose is to feign at face value to be performing their duties but indeed, perpetuating their personal agenda.”

The letter again rants, the reason why government is not taking the association serious is as a result of their inability to stand and speak but always presenting their words in neatly typed communique to stakeholders. It advised that, leaders should stand up and speak instead of issuing communiques. “It’s not about distributing a neatly typed communiqué to all stakeholders, stand up! speak for us!”. It again blamed, “The leadership is the reason Government does not take us seriously.”

What is your take on this issue? Is ttag really “needless and fruitless”? Lets get interactive at the comment section.