Home News VIDEO: We deserve better, teachers reject ‘cheap snacks’ from GES

VIDEO: We deserve better, teachers reject ‘cheap snacks’ from GES

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Heaven, as the saying goes, is the place where the classroomteacher’s reward can be found. This implies that while on earth the teacher must work hard on an empty or half-filled stomach all in an anticipation of becoming a comfortable being in heaven with its accrued benefits.”

Over the weekend, social media went awash with footages of snacks given to teachers to compensate their hunger and time to help undertake a new curriculum which is aimed at replacing the old curriculum. It could be seen from the snacks given them that, the popular saying inscribed above clearly indicates that, teachers will continue to bear the pain on Earth for their reward to some people is truly in heaven.

The snacks which were far below what a politician will be given after every sitting in their activities brought an uproar in the country concerning the injustice teachers have been facing. Some images were too disgraceful that, some teachers received burnt ‘meat pie’, a cocoa drink tied in a plastic rubber among other disgraceful stuffs. “We want to ask, will a politician be given such a thing on a sitting?,” a concern teacher trainee quizzed.

Due to this injustice, some teachers have taken a decision to reject the snacks given them in a sitting to register their displeasure for they deserve better.

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