Home Education Unposted trained teachers surfaced, plead with gov’t to consider them for postings

Unposted trained teachers surfaced, plead with gov’t to consider them for postings

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Information gathered from the TTAG Weekly Journal (TWJ) indicates that,
Some 2018 unposted trained teachers are demanding their immediate postings after the Ghana Education Service (GES) posted a section of them.

The teachers who graduated in March 2018 and have passed their licensure exams among others and qualify for employment, are pleadingly asking the Ghana Education Service (GES) management to post them.

TTAG Weekly Journal, in an exclusive interview with the President of the 2018 Unposted trained teachers, Ohemeng Akuoko Frank asked whether they have officially presented letters to appropriate stakeholders. In reply, the president of the group said, both the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Ghana Education Service (GES) have received their letters but they are yet to get a reply from them.

“In February, before the pandemic, we wrote a letter to the Ministry for them to know our issue. We tried to put our issue to the public through the media but we were advised to send a copy to the Ministry before they (media) could help us. A copy was sent to the Ministry of Education, they told us they are not responsible for postings, rather, the Ghana Education Service (GES). We sent them (GES) a copy and till date we are still waiting for their reply”.

He added that, for them to be sure whether their names were sent to the GES, they cross checked at the NTC for confirmation.

“In other for us to be sure whether our names have been sent to the GES, we went to the National Teaching Council office to verify wether they still have our names with them, we were told our names have been sent to the GES which means they have our names already but we still don’t know why we have not been posted”.

We further asked, have some of the 2018 unposted trained teachers received postings after the picketing? He answered, “It is emphatically true that the ministry has posted some of us, however, some have been left behind, we have been following up to know the exact reason why we were left behind but they always say, go, we are working on it”.

We further asked concerning the outcome of their second picketing. He said, “we made our intentions known to the Ghana Police Service by sending them a letter, however, we were told by the police we can’t do picketing at the premises of the GES so that agenda was halted”.

Mr. Ohemeng showed disappointment in the teacher unions including GNAT who at the peak of issues came to their aid but left them at a time when they needed them the most.

“The teacher unions who we put our trust on have disappointed us, we still haven’t heard anything from them”.

In his final submission, he pleaded on the government to post them.

“We are not here to wage war with the government. We are only pleading with them to post us. We are suffering, our parents always keep asking why we are still home but we don’t know what to tell them. So we are pleading with the government to come to our aid. We are suffering”.


On January 9th 2020, some unposted trained teachers representing over 3,000 teacher trainees picketed at the Ghana Education Service to demand postings.

The teachers who completed the various Colleges of Education in 2018 accused the GES of not posting them despite the completion of their mandatory national service and licensure certification.

Nineteen leaders of the teacher trainees were then arrested by the Ministries Police Command for unlawful picketing at the GES headquarters.

But the court struck out the case after the Ghana Education Service failed to show up as complainants during the alternative dispute resolution meeting.

Meanwhile, the group had earlier lamented that they had still not received any information about the postings. Currently, some of them have been posted and are now facing challenges with their payment in the wake of covid-19.

In other related development, 2016 and 2017 trainees who completed from the various colleges of education have also been grounded after they finished writing their licensure examination as well as doing their National Service.

Source: News Desk, TTAG Weekly Journal