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TTAG-WEC sets record, establishes a firm to generate income for the sector

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The Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana – Western and Central (TTAG-WEC) sector has established a printing firm aimed at generating income for the sector.

Over 25years and counting, Colleges of Education Daily Informer (CEDI) news can boldly confirm that, this is the first time a sector has put a business plan into fruitation.

Speaking to the president of the TTAG-WEC sector, Erica Arthur, on this mammoth achievement, she told our medium that, they (WEC) needed something that will bring extra income. Something they can rely on when things go downhill hence the establishment of the firm.

“we needed something that will bring us extra income. Something we can rely on when things go downhill”.

She added that the area where the firm will operate is currently under renovation and would be completed within this week. She further added that, experts have been consulted on the right machines for the firm and probably this month, they will get the machines.

“We’re currently renovating the area, we’ll buy the machines when that is done, it’s likely to be completed this weekend. So we’re consulting experts on the machines. We’ll get them (the machines) most probably in March”.

In our interview, we further asked concerning her target to those who the printing firm will be rendering services to, she said, the colleges of education especially those within her sector will be their target. She clarified that, most SRCs do T-shirt printing and the likes hence the business will strive on that tangent.

“Our main targets are the SRCs, that’s why I said they’re part of this initiatve. You realize that every SRC do t-shirts during src week celebration. We intend to make our services affordable enough, so that we get them to work with the Sector”. We hope to commission it during General Assembly and kick start operation latest by May, She said.

“We want to, by the end of our tenure expand it to a fully furnished standard printing press worth the Sector. We are looking at over GH¢20,000 cedis for its expansion.” She added.

She again added that, she won’t only take the glory, rather, the project was a collaborative effort between her executives and the SRC presidents of various colleges in her sector who made this possible.

“I won’t take the glory, this is a result of collaborative effort between my executives and even the SRC presidents of my sector”.

The firm is located directly opposite Foso College of Education and it is said to provide services such as paper printing, t-shirt printing, banner making among others. The firm will start active operation in May.