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TTA was formed by a minister to influence decision – Former TTAG editorial board chairman gives account

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An article dated 2018, found in the archives of the TTAG-WEC sector and written by Nasurullah Ibn Mutawakil (Muta), former editorial board chairman of TTAG, had pinpoint a lot of revelations which had today made the Teachers and Trainees Advocacy (TTA) gained grounds.

In his article, he pinpointed the stance of TTA in 2018, rejecting National Service as well as the licensure exams but due to political gains, they swiftly accepted the policy during a meeting with the ‘minister’. The article also made shocking revelation saying, “the minister was the one who founded TTA to influence decision”.

The article reads:

Until recently, there was nothing like Teacher Trainees Advocacy “TTA”. There used to be only Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana “TTAG”. TTAG has always been the advocate for teacher trainees but somewhere along the line a new group emerged to represent the teacher trainees. This new group will not only be an advocacy group but will be advocates for Teachers and trainees. The founder of this advocacy group Mr Antwi Kakari was a former public relations manager for TTAG. The founder is only but one out of the few former national executives of TTAG who have come together to form TTA. “if you know you know”
Their reason for forming TTA is not yet known to the public. Though the public knows that they speak for teachers and trainees. One question which continue to linger is, why would former national executives of TTAG form another advocacy group? Does it mean that, executives of TTAG do not speak for their members? Or does it mean that, the internal alliances between the sectors in TTAG continue to support incompetent leaders who will seek personal fortunes at the expense of the association?

Well, these are questions, I cannot answer. Yet, they are questions that have answers elsewhere. TTA started it all nicely. They critisied Ama Brago the erstwhile women’s commissioner of TTAG when she presented what looked like an inflated budget to the national executive council of TTAG for approval for the 2018 edition of women empowerment.

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TTA did not leave it all there. They decided to award hard working leaders of TTAG, where Larry Agbador, the former national administrator of TTAG, was awarded. This and many few things they did, gained the attention of delegates at the recently held congress at Ada. It is also worthy of note that the current president of TTAG, Mr. Anthony Dadzie once stated that TTA had gained grounds and was on the verge of becoming a great ally of TTAG.

Few months after the congress, TTA begun a fierce competition with TTAG. When the female student of St Monica’s College of Education was involved in a terrible accident and was admitted at the intensive care unit, the leadership of TTA paid her a visit. They took pictures of her to solicit funds for her family without their knowledge. These actions of Mr. Antwi Kakari aggravated the anger of the lady’s family such that they wanted to file legal suit against him. However, the swift intervention of the current TTAG president, Mr Anthony Dadzie, the family decided to allow him to walk freely.

After the issues, TTA intensified their fierce competition with TTAG when the National Service secretariat released a press statement ordering newly trained teachers to register for National Service. TTA could have asked the leadership of TTAG the way forward. Instead, they released a statement asking the newly trained teachers not to pay heed to the statement released by NSS even before TTAG could respond. In the interviews Mr. Kakari granted, he stated that National Service had never been part of teacher trainees. His actions helped him to gain lots of respect and recognition from the newly trained teachers. This made them feel like TTAG did not really care about them. The initial statement released by TTA asking newly trained teachers not to register made TTAG’s press statement release on the same issue meaningless. TTA trapped TTAG just like the story of the best hunter in your hometown, who never missed his target when hunting for game.
The minister upon getting a wind on the NSS controversy, requested to meet the teacher trainees’ union to resolve issues. Only for TTA to side with the minister during the meeting. According to Ekow Paintsil who is the former TTAG deputy secretary, he stated in a facebook post that “the minister was the one who founded TTA to influence decision”. It wouldn’t be a surprise that TTA is a political group set up to support the ideas of the current government considering the fact that, the PRO of TTA Mr. Azasu is a former Tescon president of his college of education.

Today, members of TTAG have regretted giving TTA the mileage. The objectives of TTA have been politically motivated and that has become apparent when they decided to side with the minister on the NSS saga. Sometimes, I wonder if truly TTA is fighting for teacher trainees and newly trained teachers. This is the same, TTA that issued a statement asking newly trained teachers not to register for the NSS. Then after a meeting with the minister, TTA post on facebook said that “say no to unemployment. Register with NSS and get permanent employment”.

The interesting Kakari has forgotten that Teachers and Trainees do not have sands in their head. He had forgotten if he is smart, then he is on par with trainees. When he was asked whether he will do his National Service, he said that if that is the case, he will do it. Kakari has been a teacher for the past 4years, he has received his benefits and now, he wants to do a national service? Kakari is very religious but he is a human being. He can lie just as we all do. He can sell his integrity for a certain cause (one that we all know or we don’t know).

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Kakari should be advised that the Fantis say “amma wo nyanko entwa ank) a, owo su nntwa en dur” literally translates “if you do not help your friend to cross the river, you won’t be able to do so”. My understanding to the wise saying is, unity is the key to fight a common enemy. People fighting a particular cause must share ideas to make their fraternity stronger as they always seek to aspire higher. That aspiration can only be achieved if their leaders have good intentions.

He should always know that when the GA adangbe’s call a fellow Ga man “TT” both alphabets are stressed on at the same pitch and at the same level. It is always “Teacher Trainees”.

As I conclude, my ignorance continues to ask why some people say, Kakari could not complete his tenure as national Public relations manager of TTAG? If that is true, Did that leave some scars behind? And, Is that why he told Dadzie Anthony and Ekow Painstil that, TTAG will soon collapse and TTA will take over?

Yes, he said it. Even though they are rumours, rumours are like bad breathe from someone who hasn’t brushed his teeth for a long time. If you are over-zealous to react, the real thing(mouth odour) will come out.