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Teacher trainees urged to support fight against corruption in Ghana

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Teacher trainees in Ghana have been admonished to join the fight against corruption in the country. According to Northern regional director of National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Alhaji Abdul Razak Shaani, corruption is one of the major problems hindering Ghana’s development.

According to him, every year, Ghana looses a whopping sum of 3 billion US Dollars which could have been used in developmental projects such as building of schools, construction of roads, hospitals among others.

Alhaji Abdul Razak who was at the Tamale College of Education (TACE) over the weeks during an outreach program on the fight against corruption in Ghana said to end the cancer, there was the need for future leaders of the country such as the teacher trainees to understand the dangers of the practice
“We are here this morning to let the students understand the dangers and the cause of corruption in Ghana” he stated.

To him, if government was able to channel the monies spent on corruption into developmental projects, there wouldn’t be so many social problems as seen in the country.  

The NCCE boss indicated that, the reason why they were educating students was because they are still young and will soon be future leaders who will be occupying public positions where corruption acts are likely to occur. He again added that, they have been able to carry out the program in many tertiary institutions in Ghana with the expectation to do more.  

The Vice Principal of the Tamale College of Education Alhassan Imoro on behalf of the management of the college thanked the NCCE and the European Union for the education given to the students.  
He urged them to apply what they have learnt into their lives and told them to eschew corruption in their dealings since corruption starts small and grows.  

Some of the students who spoke to TWJ said were happy to have taken part in the seminar and promised to support the fight against corruption in the school and the country in general.