Home Articles Strengthen our laws before thinking of legalising marijuana – a blogger writes

Strengthen our laws before thinking of legalising marijuana – a blogger writes

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Marijuana, one favourite delicacy I would say for some people has over the years sparked hullabaloo pertaining to its legalisation in Ghana. This has roped in various discrepant ideas from people with some nodding for a YES on its legalisation whilst others saying a NO.

Award winning blogger, who doubles as a teacher trainee, Abdul-Rahman Musah, has also added his piece in a sarcastic way on why he thinks marijuana shouldn’t be a thing for the nation to think of legalising now.

Below is his reason.

I have never hated people smoking, No! I have no problem with the intake of smoke one pulls in his or her system, but I have problem with the impure air it which comes out.

I quite remember how nature called sometime back in 2018. In its response, I had no other option than respond at the near by public toilet, I was no where close home. It surprised me how one smoker who was also making good use of the toilet facility smoked me out with his smoking piece. Just imagine the stench from a public toilet featuring that of a cigarette smoke? Funny right?

So the issue now is, should Ghana legalise marijuana use? Anyway, since there’s no one smoking around me, let me gape in for air and rant my ideas too for a columnist will always add some piece to spice the already spiced argument to make it more salty for a few who will sit before the salty meal with him. A columnist will not convince you to carry his thoughts, but will try making sense with his piece, it all boils down to you to decide whether to carry or not.

Let’s make some sense here. Let’s look at cigarette. I know its a legalised commodity and people patronise and smoke it anywhere and anyhow. What law is made to control it’s smoking in public places? Even if there’s a law preventing others from smoking in public, how effective is this law? If the laws are left ajar on a common control of cigarette smoking, how then can we trust the implementation of marijuana control in this country? How effective can we be assured that people will not abuse it anyhow to disrupt the breathing space of the non-smoker aside it’s numerous health challenges it carries? Marijuana has a lot of benefits but as a country when we legalise it smokers will abuse it.

I don’t hate marijuana, I don’t smoke weed but I use part of it as a result of some hair products. As part of God’s creation, why should I hate it? Maybe my comments on it won’t be friendly to those who use it especially smokers but I can never hate marijuana when myself and it are two different things, for heaven sake, it is just a leave.

In summary, the legalisation of marijuana can’t be a thing we should think of because our laws and its implementation are not strong enough to meet the effective control of it. I will always discard its implementation unless our laws are strengthened first. When the laws are strengthened, we can think about legalising it and not for only smoking purpose but for commercial purpose which will salvage our burdened economy for development.