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Some people do not deserve to be teachers – former ttag editorial chair

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Former editorial board chairman of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana, TTAG, has expressed his opinion concerning the need for the licensure exams, which will sweep away incompetent teachers who doesn’t fit to be in the teaching field. He made this opinion on his Facebook wall after he completed his licensure exams today.

Below is his opinion

Apparently, someone did the best job ever to have introduced the licensure exams. Let’s not talk about the importance of the license itself or complain about its mode of implementation. Neither must we relate it to politics.

The hard truth is, some people do not deserve to be teachers.

Imagine we lived in a country where we had no private schools, only public schools. Will you, for the briefest of moments, wish that SOME people you wrote license exams with, become your ward or child’s teacher?

It will be an extreme level of ignorance to say yes. Or it maybe, out of your own magnanimity for fear of another person losing his or her job that you will say yes.

What ever inspiration you have had in making the Yes decision, we need not forget that, it has it own future consequences.

I know people aren’t equal when it comes to having the same level of intelligence. We shouldn’t also forget that, to be a teacher, one of the qualities is to avail yourselves to learn.

I seek not to degrade the intellectual status of anyone. Neither do I seek to show off my academic prowess for I could never be anywhere better.

What I seek, is to pass judgment from a very holistic point of view on the recent licensure exams. The verdict, I will keep in my heart though, I draw your attention to it.

There was a time, Anthony Dadzie, myself and some NEC member visited Madam Gifty Oware of NSS, Mr. Christian Addae Opoku and Dr Evelyn Oduro of NTC at their respective offices in Accra they talked about the same problems we all saw during this licensure exams.

I think its time we give back their stones to them.

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