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SDA College to implement the use of smart phones in teaching and learning

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Fresh students of the SDA College of Education at Asokore near Koforidua are to be trained in the use of smart phones in their academic work.
Assignments would be given through whatsapp or email address and they would be expected to submit their assignments to their tutors by the same means.

This was disclosed by the Principal of the College, Professor William Koomson, at the launch of the Welcome Week.
The Welcome Week is a week long program of the College designed to orient the newbies in all aspects of their college life.
Prof. Koomson explained that the smart phone provides the cheapest way to make the students get access to the internet and they should take advantage of the numerous opportunities offered by the use of the internet in their studies.

He further explained that, students would be taught on “How to use academic English Language when using their smart phones” for studies which will in the long run avoid them using coined and abbreviated languages they often use on social media, hence, increase their Literacy Skills.

Prof. William Koomson

Prof Koomson again said, as a University College, tutors of the college were required to use power point presentation in the delivery of their lectures which the College has made provision of a number of laptops and projectors to assist the tutors in their presentations in the lecture halls.

As a University College, it will now be running a four year degree course in Bachelor of Education in Basic Education, he added.

As part of the Welcome Week, the 520 newbies would be oriented on security and safety precautions by the Ghana Police Service, fire safety by personnel of the National Fire Service , and again be oriented on first aid by staff of the Ghana Red Cross among others.