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Review TTAG national public relations manager (PRM) portfolio – Ibn Mutawakil

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We have willingly accepted the results from the just ended elections especially for the portfolio of Public Relations Manager. The decision of Allah almighty has once again reflected on the thumb of all delegates.

Let it go forth in the minds of all. We cannot for any moment, influence the making of leaders. It has solely been the responsibility of ALLAH almighty. He chooses from those He is pleased with.

A true reason why Hon. Blastus Atagabe has been endorsed by GOD and all delegates. We must respect it.

The journey to lead the association as manager for its public relations, may have come to an end. However, some wonderful people who joined me on this rollercoaster ride has to be appreciated. The likes of Alice Tiboore who gave in her all to fight with us. Alhassan, Walker, Oscar, Adade, EGA sector, Volta sector, Gameli, Paul Boat, great friends from Attricons and Ashba and all our relentless sympathizers as well as voters who, constantly availed their support regardless of any dire effect that could befall them.

I am very grateful also to my great friends Akwetey, Francis Oduro, Brobbey Desmond, Ekow Paintsil, Akosua Bawa, Ellis Ferdinand, Vincent Tandoh, Anaba Akandi, Emmanuel of watico, college presidents of WeC sector and every one who helped us in pulling up this fight.

We should be very proud of ourselves to have made the best decision in supporting our own vision. A great fight which resulted to the uneasiness of some people. Especially as an independent candidate who lost to a 9 vote margin.

In spite of all the dramatic events during the congress, right from sector primaries to national, I truly remain extremely grateful to the Allah and you all for the unflinching support. Most especially, to my family and friends.

Having made a very thorough and benign consideration of my choice of words, let me, with the greatest of respect put this across. The choice of the delegates make our competitor a very capable and competent leader.
He truly deserves our support and prayers too. Its also my prayer that, our association’s constitution review committee considers reviewing the duties of the national public relations manager in our constitution.

Many often, delegates have questioned the importance and the relevance of our public relations manager. It is such an Honourable portfolio with very limited jurisdictions.

It is my wish that, the CRC reviews it to allow our PRMs to operate without contradicting our constitution.

My sincerest appreciation to all my friends in the western and central sector. Most especially to those who voted for me in spite of the 8years alliance signed between our cordinators (Ashba, Attricons and WEC) of which we shall see the rotation of portfolios won by the various sectors in the coming years.

I have also advised my members of my camp to stop the blame games. I am a muslim and as such, whatever the outcome, Islam tells me it is destined in that regards. I will not at any point in time, associate the outcome of our defeat to someone. They have no stake in our defeat. We lost it because of GOD.

I choose to be realistic like my good friend Thompson Owusu Baah and as such, the words of JFK comes to mind. We shall not always find them supporting our views. We shall always find them supporting their own decisions and they should always know that those who sought power by riding on the back of the tiger, ended up inside.

Let me reiterate once again, that, I hold no grudge on any person especially within my sector. Each one of us, have our own prerogative to make the choices we desire the most. At no point in time, must our guilty conscience make us call candidates we did not share in their visions to seek apologies.

It doesn’t work that way. I truly respect your choices.

On the other hand, let me extend a handshake of acceptance to Jones Attah Mensah and Joseph Addae of WEC sector. It is very interesting that considering the moment we all find ourselves in, they have built a premise to hold a grudge.
I have often heard them made very obnoxious remarks about me. Thinking they were taking me on. In our world of ignorance, I have truly accepted the challenge.

Ever readily, it is my prayer that, they continue to keep their pace like the horses do. I do not wish they run out of breath to behave like donkeys. This game shouldn’t end here it should continue forever. It must!

And to Hon Atagabe Blastus, please do well to sustain and keep the journal of our association running.
It is the only achievements our former NEC within which you worked as a sector president can boast of.
Kindly remember that, posterity will judge us on how well we executed our plan and continued the legacies.
Our service to our association has ended. We have run our lap of the relay. Especially as members of the editorial board, we could brag as being the first to start this relay. Our sincerest appreciation goes to TTAG.
I must say I am very grateful to Anthony Dadzie. At least I remained loyal in serving him and the association.
If the was any instance we wronged anyone in our association, we truly deserve apologies.

Let me once again say that, I truly appreciate all the love and support during my tenure as the editorial board chair. To my colleague on the board, you were awesome.

To Shiver, PRO of Enchi college of education. I say am grateful for your unflinching support. To Abdul Rahman of Cedi News, you know I got your back.
To Hon Alice Tiboore, my campaign manageress and congress girlfriend. I hope I haven’t blocked another chance of any of your crushes?