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Report on NaCCA’s Stakeholders Meeting on CCP Curriculum from JHS 1 to SHS 1

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The Common Core Programme (CCP) is a 4-yr programme comprising of 9 subjects which are; Maths, languages, Science (embodying both the Natural and Applied Sciences), RME, Physical and Health Education, Career technology, Social studies, computing, creative arts and design.

The CCP is a standard-based curriculum that seeks to develop the 6 key competencies, eg critical thinking and problem solving, among others in learners.

The CCP will take off in September, 2020.

NSAT will be conducted in JHS 2 to generate data for improvement at all levels of management and implementation. (NB: NSAT is an assessment, NOT an examination).

Placement exams into SHS will be conducted at the end of JHS 3; however, the mode and format is likely to change to reflect the CCP demands.

Before SHS 2, students take Common Core Exams to guide them in choosing a combination of courses for High School Diploma Programmes (HSDP) or Career-related programmes (CRP).

From SHS 2 -3, students decide either to pursue career-related programme or an academic one, or both.

Project work, community service and engagements will be integrated as part of a comprehensive learner assessment that emphasizes DOING.

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