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Providing Students PASCO Caused High Expectation – Addae-Mensah

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A former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Professor Ivan Addae-Mensah has blamed the disappointment being expressed by final year SHS students after their WASSCE paper on the provision of past questions by the education ministry to students.

According to him, senior high schools over the years have prepared their students using past questions but the ministry going the extra mile to provide the past questions to all students across the nation heightened expectations among the students.

“Teachers know how to handle students in this situation, the students themselves from time immemorial use past questions…immediately you take this phenomenon out of the hands of the schools and you try and micromanage it from the educational authorities, you create a certain expectation in the students and I believe that something of the sort may have happened.

“If the revision process had been left in the hands of the teachers and the students, maybe this expectation might not have been generated,” Prof. Addae-Mensah said this on Saturday, August 08, on Analyses on Starr FM.