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Pay half salary to teachers and non-teaching staffs till they resume- Lawyer Maurice Ampaw to gov’t

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Private Ghanaian legal practitioner, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has suggested that the Government should pay teachers and other non-teaching staff half of their salaries until school resumes.

As part of the preventive measures against the spread of Coronavirus, Government has suspended all school activities indefinitely.

Hence, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw is saying that since teachers and non-teaching staff are not working, their salary should be slashed by half so that it can be used to fight COVID-19.

nsempafie.com reports that Maurice said this on Wuntumi TV and Radio Channels during one on one live interview.

He lamented that all is been sacrificed to fight against COVID-19. So why should the government pay workers fully whilst they are on break?

He condemned the idea of such workers for thinking they were sent home by the government and are entitled to the usual working conditions. He quizzed; who wish to have this unfortunate era? Business people are asked to lockdown. How can they fund their homes and families?

He finally advised every worker whether on break or on duty to readjust to suit this situation. “Ghana would go or experience financial crisis this year as well as food, extra care must be taken” says Lawyer Maurice Ampaw.