Home News Old people shouldn’t be made to perform hajj – Irbard Ibrahim

Old people shouldn’t be made to perform hajj – Irbard Ibrahim

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Ghana’s outspoken peace ambassador, Irbard Ibrahim, currently in Mecca observing his hajj, has hinted that, old folks who go to Mecca to observe the spiritual obligation are faced with challenges during the spiritual exercise. He added that, an age limit should be set to curtail old folks from making the voyage to the holy place.

Below are what he said on his Facebook post.

Hajj has just started in earnest in Mina 5 kilometers to the east of Mecca. I have seen old men and women struggle to walk go through this laborious ritual of Hajj. Don’t let your own old folks go through this. You can get someone to do it for them. Government should look at the possibility of putting an age limit to the performance of Hajj to save senior citizens from struggling in a foreign land’

He again added and clarifies that,

I paid for myself and my parents who are in their late 50’s. They are strong. But I have seen older men and women go through a lot of stress during this year’s Hajj.

Islam is a very beautiful and easy religion. The sons and daughters or grandchildren of these weak senior citizens can pay far less to Ghanaian students studying in Saudi universities to carry out Hajj on behalf of their aged parents or grandparents.

In the Quran, Allah emphasized ‘ability’ while making Hajj an obligation. Paying to the Hajj Board just as I did doesn’t end there, are your parents healthy and sound in body to carry out this journey is also part of ‘ability’.

No one beyond 70 should be allowed to go through this stress. I urge Government to intervene in this matter. The Hajj Board is a Government agency because it draws its mandate from Government and it is the responsibility of Government to protect citizens both home and abroad at all times. Aside that, the organization of Hajj this year has been great and we hope things will even be better for those who come here next year inshaAllah.’

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