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Most male teachers only have eyes for female learners – a trainee hints

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A letter written to Mentees by a student teacher, Elorm Frank Amenyo of Ghana’s primier college, Presbyterian College of Education advicing mentees and facilitators has pointed that, male facilitators should not always have eyes for their female learners making them the center of their attraction. He advised that, they should extend their lenses of admiration to the male learners too.

Below is the content of the letter


Dear Mentees, I know some are happy and others are sad. As soon as some people were shown their school for the out segment, fear griped them and their heart became troubled and the only way they controlled it was to let countless drop of tears fall. It’s indeed sad but don’t forget the town needs you that’s why you have been sent there and you have a role to play there.

As a mentee I am propelled to passionately lace these words together to stipulate my concern on some heart breaking issues in our profession. As mentees ( someone who is going to be mentored) this is where some people realise they will become teachers after completing college.

I know most people were forced to college, others came because of their grades, others also came because they have passion and love for the teaching proffession but no matter what catapulted you to college, don’t forget you are an agent of transformation. You have the power to make things right. Don’t forget this ”irrespective of where you have been posted to, just understand that life is an individual affair”. It’s not about the name of the place nor the infrastructure. It’s about the impact you are to make in the lives of those there. If the place given to you is not developed, just brighten the corner you are.

Its an opportunity to make things right because you have the power as an agent of transformation. Utilize every single opportunity you get there to make a positive change and your name will forever be written in the good books of that town.
However, let us use this opportunity to erase every misconception about teachers.
Yes! Let’s eschew from the ancient ways of teaching and handling our learners. It’s high time we engage our learners with activities to aid understanding than bookish method of teaching. Don’t be a facilitator whose presence alone is enough to cause learners emotional trauma but the other way round. Your absence should rather cause emotional trumer to your learners.

Oh yes! we shouldn’t forget to make learners feel loved and important to the society. We should make learners our friends both male and female. Per my experience, most facilitators only have eyes to see and make friends with females leaving the males neglected. We must retire from such behavior and avoid gender baias.

What do we do when we have the less privileged in our class or school? This is not the time for facilitators to take advantage of the ‘poor’ student who need help. Please and Please, we must put a stop to such behavior. I know there are hard times but let’s keep this in mind ”the little attitude of kindness you exhibit toward someone can go a long way to put smiles on their face”, making you the secret of his or her smile. Some facilitators help students and expect them to pay in kind. Know that, you become a role model from the day you step foot in class and the learners look up to you. They believe whatever you tell them even than their parents. They know with you they are in a comfortable lead. So please lets be watchful in our appearance, attitude, utterances among others for they observe every single step we take and derive meaning from it.

Out utterances should be spiced and garnished with love and care. We should not condemn our learners, rather; motivate them, inspire them,encourage them. Lets do well to bring out the best in them for that is what we are called to do but not to make them feel useless.

I quite remember my class teacher assigned us to write about our professions way back in class six and we were to present individually. To my surprise, no one in the class made a submission on the Profession TEACHER not even myself but here I am. It takes the grace for a learner to say he or she will like to become a teacher in future. My question is “Why must Grace intervene before our learners proudly desire to be like us having in mind we made those boasting professionals whom they are today? This question has been left unanswered in my mind for years. Lets find out the answers to this question and eradicate every misconception about the Teaching Profession. I wish to see a class who 30% of it learners wish to become facilitators.