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Most consider teaching profession as their last option – a teacher trainee alleges

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A teacher trainee, Essah Samuel from the Kibi Presbyterian College of Education in an article has voiced out revelations concerning how others despise the teaching profession making it their last option in respect to the job security it offers.

In his article he statistically alleged that, 98% of students who have been imparted and moulded by teachers would consider the teaching profession as their last option.

Below is the article;

Teaching, like few other professions requires love, passion and empathy. The teachers’ numerous significant functions in nation building cannot be overemphasized, making the teacher A KEY STAKEHOLDER in national development. The pride of every nation is her human resources since its qualitative and quantitative development is very much required for the proper utilization of natural resources. It is indisputable that the teacher has the core responsibility of this qualitative and quantitative development of human resources since all manpower and labor forces pass through the hands of a teacher, this alone makes my interest and passion in the profession grow.

However, it is doleful to know that about 98% of students who are being imparted and moulded by teachers would consider the teaching profession as a last option. Regarding this buoyant profession as a stepping stone by most people including some teachers only breaks my heart.

A teacher once asked his student about the career he would choose after school and this was the student’s response. “I would be a teacher for a while and later find a better job for myself”. The teacher on hearing this, walked away sorrowfully. One Circuit Supervisor also stated emphatically that he has totally regretted for choosing teaching as a profession. He (the C.S) further adjured the young teachers to be smart enough and reconsider their decision of choosing teaching as their profession. He worded with much attachment never to let his children or any of his relatives choose the profession he has chosen since he sees it as a mistake for choosing to be a teacher.

A number of collegians find themselves in colleges to be trained as teachers not because of their interest in the profession but rather due to some determining causes. These causes among many others include; job security and financial constraints. A very close friend of mine gained admission into one of the best universities in Ghana, in her second year, her parents insisted she quits and go to college because of Job security. She was so much displeased with her parents’ decision but had no choice than to comply. Even though she is doing well in the program, she has never been happy with the parents’ decision.

Telling a young boy that he would be a teacher may only seem to him like invoking a curse upon him. Should this cold attitude towards teaching at this early stage of the 21st century persist, the country will lack good and quality teachers who would be solicitous enough for the welfare of the students (future leaders). If no proper measures are put in place to improve the conditions and services of teachers, the quality and quantity of the next generation’s Human resources would drastically be reduced and eventually lead Ghana into the deepest ditch of poverty in the next twenty years. Again, should we sit aloof and unperturbed to the loss of people’s interest in the teaching profession, we would have no other option than to trade our dear country back to our colonial masters in the near future.

Teachers are responsible for the development of every future generation. Their impacts today will be experienced tomorrow. A quote from John Dewey states “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” Presidents, ministers and other professionals manning the affairs of this country today with skills and much prowess were imparted by teachers and we are having the impacts today.

Teachers deserve better. Teachers deserve to be respected and valued for their profession. Let us help develop people’s interest and passion for the profession, the country needs born and passionate teachers for survival.