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Justify the delay in posting some 2018 trained teachers – TTA to GES, MoE

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In the wake of public uproar concerning 2018 trained teachers postings, the Teachers and Trainees Advocacy (a group which advocates for teachers and trainees) has also add their voice by issuing a press statement, telling the government through the Ministry of Education (MoE) and Ghana Education Service (GES) to release or justify the delay in posting some 2018 trained teachers from the Colleges of Education (CoE).

In the statement, it statistically highlighted the figures which are currently in distress amounting to 1,000 trained teachers waiting for postings.

Below is the press statement.


TTA wishes to take this opportunity to commend the effort of the government, through the Ministry of Education (MoE) and Ghana Education Service (GES) to secure permanent employment for the 2018 trained teachers from colleges of education. This batch, in the history of this country, commenced the major changes in shifting the direction of teacher education. Among these changes are the taking of teacher licensure examination and undergoing of a year national service.

Going through these changes, newly trained teachers were skeptical about permanent employment of which it was rumoured that special application for employment would be written for subjective selection by the Ghana Education Service. But, in the end out of about 14,500 fresh teachers, about 13,500 have been successfully posted and their employment takes effect from December 1, 2019.

However, the fate of the remaining colleagues who undoubtedly qualify and yet not posted are in uncertainty. Since November 22, 2019 that the majority of the postings were effected, those left have not received any tangible reasons emanating from the GES as to why they are still not posted. The frustration and worrying state of these fateless trained teachers are immeasurable.

Through this release, TTA, as an interest party in issues of our education sector, humbly request the Ghana Education Service who is their direct employer and all relevant stakeholders, to rectify all technical and administrative challenges and release the posting of such remaining distressed qualified teachers as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if there are justifiable reasons for the delayed posting of these fresh teachers, we call on GES to, in no time, come out and explain to them as well as the general public. In as much as we understand they are the minority, we hold the view that without any cause, they deserve to be posted as their have been.

Thank you.