Home Education Just In: Ghanaian Student in Italy dies of Coronavirus

Just In: Ghanaian Student in Italy dies of Coronavirus

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Most people were made to believe that, the current most dangerous disease on earth, Coronavirus don’t kill Africans specifically ‘blacks’.

Well, if you had those thoughts, we believe this sad post on twitter will change those mindsets and purported lies.

A twitter post sighted from Benjamin Sey, who is based in Italy has it that , a Ghanaian Student by name, Kweku has died of Corona Virus .

According to Benjamin, Coronavirus is very real so all of us should stay out safe .

His tweets read :

“R.I.P Kweku. For those of you out there thinking the virus don’t attack Blacks, well my friends in Italy died yesterday. I have to hold her mum here all day. Her only son died from Corona virus. It’s not easy to lose your only child abroad studying”.


Well, If Benjamin Sey’s post is anything to go by , then we believe there is a need for all and sundry to adhere to all protective instructions given as far as the spread of the Coronavirus is concerned.