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Hold the implementation of the JHS1 and SHS1 curriculum- GES told

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An educational think tank group, Educate Ghana Summit (EGS) has released a petition to halt the implementation of the JHS and SHS curriculum.

They raised numerous concerns for their reasons of which they think the curriculum didn’t take those concerns into consideration.

They sited that, those reasons which have been purged out brings to the lime light that, the curriculum implementation itself is weak and those considerations should be imbibe for it effective implementation.

Below is the insight of their petition.

On the 5th of March, 2020, Thursday Educate Ghana Summit petitioned GES, MoE and NaCCA to put on hold the implementation of the JHS1 and SHS1 curriculum until the ongoing kindergarten to primary six (6) which lacks the necessary materials to make it more useful. There’s no point in building on an obviously shaky foundation.

It is a wide known fact that currently, the primary curriculum being implemented since the beginning of the 2019/2020 academic year lacks all the necessary flesh to make it complete and successful. It’s very worrisome.

The following are the Educate Ghana Summit’s concerns:

  1. The insufficiency of hard-copy of the curriculum for all teachers.
  2. No approved Textbooks as of now.
  3. Not a single standard Based teaching and learning material has been provided.
  4. No training was given to teachers on the new assessment framework as promised.
  5. Large and disturbing number of teachers were not trained on the new curriculum for instance, NaBCO teachers, 2018 as well as 2019 recruited teachers among others who are doing National Service.
  6. No enough computers to enhance ICT Education.
  7. No French Books, Our World Our People and History Books to support teaching and learning.

If the foundations are weak, how can the building itself be strong? This question seeks to point to the fact that, a strong foundation is a prerequisite for success.

EGS therefore, urges GES, MoE and NaCCA to seriously consider strengthening the base by solving these embarrassing issues as early as possible before bringing on board the implementation of JHS and SHS curriculum.

“Education in the light of present-day knowledge and need calls for some spirited creative innovations both in the substance and the purpose of current pedagogy” – Anne Sullivan Macy.