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Ghana’s educational system has not achieved it purpose – a teacher trainee hints

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An article sited by cedinews.com concerning how Ghana’s educational reforms have been hailing bookishness and disregarding practicality had been ranted out by a teacher trainee, Teye Saviour Akutey of Ghana’s first college, Presbyterian College of Education.

The article under the caption, SCHOOL AS A WAY OF EDUCATION HAS NOT ACHIEVED ITS PURPOSE.” reads:

The country has been witnessing these days issues on education as to which among these two political parties have education at heart. Some argued for three-year SHS, others also supported the idea of free education system but my worries are not with all these, it is about what is learnt, how it is taught and the way of implementing them. Let me mention it again, “our school as a way of educating has not achieved it goals”.

It is always said that education is the key to national development, yes it is true, but how do we get good education when the school system is wallowing and crying for change of which no one seems to care? I have come across several people who have being through this school system but are not functional literates. The truth is that literacy is beyond reading and writing, let us arise people of Ghana.

It is so frightening that, Ghana has been ranked last among 76 countries in the biggest global school ranking conducted by OECD, an economic think tank. The ranking placed Asian countries at the top five spot and African countries at the bottom. Singapore heads the table, followed by Hong Kong with Ghana at the bottom part (13th May 2015 ).

Just recently, report has it that, Ghana is ranked, last but one country on harmonized test scores of children from basic to secondary school education in the world conducted by (HCI), Human Capital Index. The report mentioned that, although Ghana had done well in terms of enrollment for basic and second cycle education, there was no corresponding improvement in the quality of education offered. So sadly, the school system has made it possible for some people to use their positions to get unqualified students into certain institutions because of the so-called connections. Where are we going as a nation?

A graduate who studied mechanics will have to call a technical road side mechanic to repair his or her car when he or she encounters a problem. The system is teaching us all wrong, I mean the chew and pour system and the learning of theories and neglecting the practicality of it. We have all failed!

We have lectures in our colleges and accredited universities who prepare notes and handouts containing theories and laws of which they do not understand themselves. The school system is full of crisis, I have always hated the curriculum and the trends of teaching. Our leaders can no longer be blamed for not awarding contracts like road, dams and bridges construction to our own people because we all have limited education as a result of our ‘chew and pour’.

I personally believe that, all these are happening because there is no clear national direction of the country’s educational steps, this is because, policy on education changes when there’s political change. In reference to an article written by Kwabena Danso, he suggested that, all the media should create a platform for a national debate where every stakeholder can be brought on board to help find a lasting solution to our educational predicament. When schools realised and begin to achieve their purpose,Ghana can get to the top in no time.

Thank you!