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DONATION: SYDF appeals for plastic bottles, funds – for school building project

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In the Akaglakope Community, a village located in the volta region of Ghana, lies the Akaglakope Basic School, a school which has been left under the mercy of domestic animals who share the classroom with learners. The fenced bamboo wall around the classroom is already on the verge of collapse, serving as a threat to learners as well as facilitators. In fact, there are no good school facility or educational infrastructure for learning or skills development.

In view of this, Social Youth Drive Foundation, a non-governmental organization, has introduced classroom in bottles; a classroom which would be built with plastic bottles.

The classroom in bottle initiative to them, (Social Youth Drive Foundation) will help improve the nature of the school building and as well create an environment which would be free from plastic waste.

“We are on our way to delivering the first of our ecofriendly alternative learning spaces for disadvantaged children in hard-to-reach communities. We aim at creating accelerated learning and empowerment opportunities to enable these children develop foundational literacy, numeracy and cognitive competencies.” they said.

Social Youth Drive Foundation(SYDF) is appealing to all and sundry to help donate plastic bottles or cash to support its initiative in building a school for the inhabitants of the Akaglakope Community Basic School.

To donate, please click HERE  or call +233 24 015 8662