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Covid-19: Even Muhammed and Jesus would have washed their hands if…

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After listening to reggae in Ekow Djan’s home, the feeling is now contagious. I must profess! This can affect anyone at all just like covid 19.

I feel so much like Bob Marley seated on a desk scribbling a song. Like Nesta, He finishes his write ups and pulls out his seventh but half burnt roll from his mouth. Smoke coming out of his mouth and nose, he closes his eyes as if he is about to receive some revelation. Then boom! The words below, explodes from his mouth.

“this is a little song I wrote.
You might want to sing it note for note.
Don’t worry! Be happy!
In every life we have some trouble.
When you worry you make it double .
Don’t worry! Be happy!”

I wonder how many people are worried about the current crisis the world is facing. Certainly, there may be some exception. I have chosen to be one of the few people who are not worried. Like the lyrics from Nesta, when we worry, we make it double.

Instead of worrying about the current situations, we need to commit ourselves to fighting the problem; Just as others are/have been doing. They know they have a story to tell some day.

Oneday, when all is over and we have grown old, we shall tell the stories of the past. We would share them with our grand children and if we are lucky, we may share the same stories with our great grand children.

We just have to tell them that, as far back into the year 2020, there was no need for us to get a ticket for the exposé video from Anas or Manasseh or some investigative journalist.

All we had to do was to be observant. Observation had been the key to the knowledge impacted to us by the pandemic.

After the covid-19, we would come to understand that, almost everything had been exposed by the virus. From our government, religion, colonial masters, movie industries and military.

We would come to understand that, our leaders had been left clueless in the wake of the pandemic. It mattered not the country they led. It mattered not whatever resources available to them. They could do nothing to save the dying masses. For some, you would understand that, they really did not care about their citizens. The case of our NIA was evidence on how some of our leaders cherished elections to the lives of the electorates.

We would come to understand that, our so called miracle performing mallams and pastors who once claimed to be angels were immune to the virus. Those who have announced earlier before the arrival of covid 19 that they had the cure, were left with no other choice than to wash their hands and apply sanitizers. They did so while taking their weekly dues from their followers through momo.

We would come to understand that, even though our colonial masters were experiencing higher death mortality rates than Africans, they preferred testing their vaccines with Africans. You would understand that, they still think we are under their control.

Today, we live in a different world. A new world where the media do not report news on Talibans, Al Qaeda, ISIS, nuclear weapons and other weapons of massive destruction.

Today’s media is full of reports on Covid 19 and how its vaccine can be found. Today, our media report on the death toll and how this virus has killed our health officers.

Today, the media and health officers tell us that our kisses, hugs are weapons of mass destruction. We can’t kiss in Paris and anywhere no more. Though it may come with no romance, we would be charged.

Today we cannot travel around the world anymore. Airports have been locked up.

Sadly, before Today’s world, Harry Potter had a magic wand. Maleficent had created a beautiful world for her daughter. Alice was in the wonderland. Cinderella’s mother had been able to turn 6 scurrying mice into beautiful horses. Merlin was still protecting King Arthur from Lady Morgana . Disney had been filled with so much beauty. Thanks to the avengers, Thanos could not destroy the world and Disney has exhausted all their supernatural powers.

Unfortunately today’s world have been left in despair. Snow White has refused to come back alive after many kisses from Prince Charming. Reddington has been left clueless on how the virus came to exist. Superman has gone back to krypton for fear of getting disgraced. Prophesies from our modern prophets have proven futile.

Today everyone is nobody. Today, everyone is focused because our slightest negligence might lead us to the virus.

The only rule we all obey, is washing our hands with soap and water. Until we tell our stories someday, washing our hands with soap and water is the only way to keep us alive.

Even Muhammed and Jesus (peace be upon them) would have washed their hands if they were alive.