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Be calm, we are in talks with stakeholders – ttag to newly trained teachers

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The Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) has issued a press statement assuring newly trained teachers to calm down for stakeholders are being engaged to settle the posting impasse.

In the one page letter, copied to the head of the Ghana Police Service, the media and other educational stakeholders, it assured the newly trained teachers that, their deliberations with stakeholders, will bring forth relieve and brighten the faces of the disgruntled qualified trained teachers.

The press statement reads:

The National Secretariat has taken keen notice of the reports of arrests and alleged attacks on some newly trained teachers who are not yet posted and were found picketing at the premises of Ghana Education Service (GES).

We sympathize and stand in solidarity with the victims of these unfortunate acts.

The leadership of TTAG wishes to clearly state the following;

  1. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the Ministry of Education for posting 2018 trained teachers who have successfully completed their mandatory national service and duly passed their licensure examination last year. Enormous amount of thanks also goes to the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) for the support and insight they continue to offer to us.
  2. After postings were released for 2018 batch of trained teachers, we received reports that, some graduates of both 2018 and 2017 batches were not successful in getting postings. As a result, leadership duly visited the offices of Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education to find out what accounted for the discrepancies. After that, newly trained teachers were told to visit the various Regional Headquarters of Ghana Education Service (GES) to cross-check their documents for the second batch of posting. And that was done.
  3. Notwithstanding the above, there were still unresolved issues with regards to the postings of both batches. Hence, leadership continued talks with the necessary stakeholders to ensure that every qualified graduate is posted.
  4. As leaders, we shall continue to update the entire membership and the general public with the outcomes of our consultations and meetings. And on this particular topic, it’s our fervent hope that, the outcome of our deliberations with stakeholders will finally bring forth relieve and brighten the faces of disgruntled qualified trained teachers.
  5. We appeal to all affected qualified newly trained teachers to calm down whilst we continue to engage necessary stakeholders for an amicable resolution to this worrying situation.
  6. We appeal to stakeholders especially, the Ghana Police Service (GPS) to temper justice with mercy so that those who were arrested and charged can be pardoned.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Our doors remain opened for suggestions and enquiries.