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6TH MARCH PARADES: It is time consuming, makes learning visible only in lesson note books – Allotey

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An article written by one Desmond Allotey-Pappoe has hinted that the the 6th March parade which weighs in learners from the basic schools to the parade grounds is time consuming in respect to education.

He highlighted on how this parade abuses learners in the sun making them go through laborious and rigorous marching rehearsals which eats into their instructional hours making learning only visible in lesson note books( lesson plan).

His article with the caption; 6TH MARCH PARADES IN BASIC SCHOOLS: THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY, reads:

In the wake of contemporary changes and development in the Basic Education School Structure, significantly the curriculum reforms which seeks to optimise time on task, it is quite troubling a culture across the country for school kids to be subjected to rigorous ‘marching rehearsals’ (a preliminary marching training for 6th March anniversary ceremony).

In appreciation of the beauty of the celebration, it’ll be disingenious to fail in admitting the growing noticeable ills it breeds in our school system.

Though the annual celebration of 6th March anniversary is laudable, its significance on the life of school pupils is crushed through the abuse, and needless laboriousness to which parade rehearsals’ are carried out.

With schools disrupted for more than 3 weeks, instructional hours halted, and teaching and learning becoming only visible in lesson note books( lesson plan).

One will ask,

In whose interest are these activities being organised?

What is special about the celebration that would warrant kids ( 4yrs- 18 yrs average) to be tortured in the sun, and left to the adventurous mercies of fatigue, hunger and thirst, and muscle pain

How does 6th March and its accompanying rigorous parade rehearsals at school/ circuit level etc inject patriotism and nationalism in school pupils?

One sense of Ghana’s Independence is to instill a pride of committed nationalism/ patriotism that would awaken the individual to strive for national development in his/her respective field, however, the ceremony across the country have been reduced to a mere march past.

Aside the loss of valuable instructional hours, the whole arduous exercise creates room for teacher/pupil absenteeism, teacher/pupil apathy towards teaching and learning etc.

It is with this sense of urgency, that the MOE/GES, Parent-Teacher Associations, Teacher Unions, and other stakeholders should streamlined the 6th March anniversary celebrations in schools to promote productivity in education.

Career guidance and counselling programmes, edu- symposium, drama and poetry recitals, health talks/walk, film shows, quizzes, etc are equally rich stuffs that could be infused into the celebration.